PES - Peněžní expresní service, s.r.o.®

Company PES – Peněžní expresní service ® was founded in 1997 using a wholly Czech capital. Since then, the company went through a dynamic growth and became the number one Western Union service provider on the Czech market. It became the main WESTERN UNION ® service provider for the Czech Republic thanks to a dense network of branches. At present are our services available to you in almost every city in the Czech Republic in travel agencies, exchange offices, hotels and post offices.

Since 2011 we are the holders of the payment institucion licence from the Czech National Bank , which strictly ensures compliance with all laws, rules and standards. and therefore can be seen as a guarantor of the quality of our services.

The quality of our services is demonstrated by three of the awards CLUB 500, which was a global competition for the best branches within Western Union.

Western Union service can be now used at our newly renovated branch in Jindrisska street 7 in Prague. Branch was modified so that the customers could be served quickly and efficiently and walked away from us most satisfied.

Our customers can also use the services of currency exchange, which offers very favorable rates and there is no additional charge.

For any information, please contact us on our Toll free number 800 22 11 00.


Company was founded in 1851 in the USA, where it became famous as a pioneer of the telegraph. In 1871, WESTERN UNION ® introduce its own product "Money Transfer." This product offered Western Union customers reliable, convenient and most importantly the quickest way to send and receive money. Transfer is carried out within a few minutes and does not require any bank account . In 1995-2006 WESTERN UNION ® became part of First data Corporation - the largest provider of electronic data transmission. Now it is again an independent company. Western Union ® provides international money transfer in more than 200 countries and enables clients to choose from more than 515,000 locations. Unbeatable speed and quality is made possible by modern telecommunications and electronic networks.


Transfers to Russia and Belarus

Dear customers, 21/03/22 service to send funds from all countries to Russia and Belarus ends. Thank you for understanding.