When the company PES - Peněžní expresní service® was founded with a single branch on Wenceslav Square, nobody could imagine how quickly this branch will cease to be satisfactory both capacity and locations on the first floor between the offices.

Despite these apparent disadvantages the Western Union ® services were highly demanded so it led to a logical step.

This was that in 2003 a branch was opened in Jindřišská street. We did so to be closer to our clients, their needs and wishes. It was a step in the right direction and it has been confirmed by obtaining the prestigious award CLUB 500.

But just as quickly overcome plans with the branch of the Wenceslav Square branch Jindrisska after some time did not fulfill its function as we imagined. Our idea is not other than that we want our clients to be the most satisfied. This reason led us to reconstruct this branch.

That we scored our point is witnessed by two other awards CLUB 500, and for us of course even more importantly, our client base faithfully returning and expanding.

Like an express of gratitude for the loyalty of our customers, but also because we know that the need to constantly move forward, to be the best partner for our customers, we decided again to modify our branch. The emphasis at this innovation is layed on speed, security and privacy. Exactly those attributes that we consider important to our clients. It is another step towards our clients. A step that is no longer into unknown, because we already know our customers and we know how to meet their needs and wishes. The first step was taken, but the most important one need to be done by you, our customers. It remains to invite you to our new office, to convince yourself about quality of our services.

Client satisfaction, speed, security and privacy

Since our foundation, we quickly identified what makes our customers happy and what is our competitive advantage. Clients require of course, good service, but the key to their satisfaction is speed, comfort and privacy, what they hardly meet at branches on the street.

Therefore the clients on the new branch do not have to fill out forms. The client only tell the operator the data which are entered when sending money into the system and then are these data checked by the client to avoid an error. The client then gets the printed form. This procedure is for the client more comfortable and quicker.

CLUB 500

It is a world wide competition for the Western Union branches. Competitors are tested by a mystery shopping provided by an independent audit. Then there are for particular regions announced the best. Their representatives are then invited to a Western Union congress, where is an award at the final gala.

To win in this competition the affiliate must have great marketing and functionally to be the highest level. This means that it have to be for their customers the best identifiable. The services must have quality and speed at the highest level and there is also reflected the logic of all the procedures. A significant part of the evaluation is staff's professional competence, speed and willingness.