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Are the transfers safe? Can it also be used for business purposes?

Transfers are safe only if they are used for their intended purpose. In general, our service is not designed for commercial transactions. WESTERN UNION ® can not guarantee how the send funds will by used by the recipient and therefore transfers would be made ​​only between two trusting parties. Once informed of the details of the transfer to the other party, is a strong likelihood that the transfer will be collected. And even if it was intentionally sent to the wrong name and was intended only as a deposit. Payment is subject to proof of identity, but if the counterparty has all the data and sent amount is larger, then a false ID document is only a small barrier to get to the money. Recommendation is: If you do not want the transfer to be paid, do not disclose the information and even better DON'T SEND IT!!

Very risky are transfers to be made after on the internet agreed business, or as a fee to obtain by the e-mail promised larger amount of money. These are two most common models of fraudulent lure of money.

Of course we are not excluding commercial use of our services, but is based on absolute trust between the sender and the recipient. If you do not know the recipient personally, it is not recommended to send money!

WESTERN UNION ® strongly warns against such acts and dissociates itself from any damages arising from disregard these recommendations.

WESTERN UNION ® reserves the right to refuse the realization of suspicious transactions or those in which they have enough relevant information for their objective evaluation.


How long after you send the recipient gets the money?

Basically, the money is transferred in a few minutes. The payment of money may be withheld or service can be unavailable due to certain transaction conditions, such as the sent amount, the destination country, the availability of a particular currency, regulatory changes, identification requirements, branch opening hours, differences in time zones, or when choosing the delayed service. There can be applied additional restrictions. Details can be found on the form for sending money.

Working hours are available on our toll free number 800 22 11 00, or on our website http://www.moneytransfer.cz/. For information about locations around the world use the web http://locations.westernunion.com/.


What do I need to know about the person I want to send money?

It is necessary to know the recipient's name and destination country. If you are sending to the U.S., Mexico or Canada You need to introduce a federal state and city where the transfer will be picked up.


What do I need to know to pick up the money?

You must know the name of the sender, the origin country, the approximate amount sent, whether in sent or received currency and Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), which can be given only by the sender. You also need to have with you a valid ID with photo.


In what currency can I receive money?

Since 30th of June 2016, all Western Union locations in Czech Republic pay out Czech crowns (CZK) only.


In which currencies can be money send?

In Czech can be send CZK all over or from selected branches USD. At the destination will be paid either local currency or USD / EUR. You can get the details of the payment at our toll free number: 800 22 11 00.


Are the rates of foreign currencies the same as in banks?

Exchange rates for Western Union ® are slightly different, because Western Union derive the rates on U.S. financial markets. Because it is company with a global presence and have set uniform rules throughout the world, can not logically be based on our local exchange rates that are significantly influenced by political objectives and business plans of banks.


Can I send money to / from the account?

WESTERN UNION ® Money Transfer is an express service that does not work with bank accounts, as this would slow down the whole process. Some banks cooperate with Western Union and are able to send, if necessary, funds from the account, to be collected in cash. But it is not possible to send money to the bank account from us.


In which countries Western Union be used?

Western Union is available almost all over the world. In most countries is the network of branches so dense that you do not have to travel further than a few kilometers. Details of existing branches, see http://locations.westernunion.com/ or at our toll free number.


How do I use Western Union when I was robbed and don't have even ID?

Unfortunately, paying the money transfer without a valid ID is not allowed in Czech Republic. You can get the funds only by asking the sender to change the payee name to somebody with a valid ID. The change is for free and is usually done within minutes.


How long can be the transfer in the system before picking up?

Money can be picked up virtually any time. However, if the transfer is in the system more than 40 days, it is necessary to point that out and count with a small delay, but it is still a while waiting service.


What should I do in case of a complaint or changes in a sended transfers?

In this case, it depends whether the error is on your side or the provider of services. If you all stated correctly but an error occurred when entering data into system, then you can just contact the office by phone, as it can verify that the information provided by you and those in the system are different and then they have the obligation to correct the error. If you stated false information, then you need to visit a branch, as they must verify the legitimacy of change request (the right has only the sender) and then they can change it. There can be changed the recipient, destination with the same as the fees like the previous one, and currency of payment. If you need to change the amount or destination which has different fees than the original one, the transfer is canceled and sent back. The fee is returned/selected according to the amount and destination. Change is free.


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