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western union


  • WU in Greece 29. June 2015

    The Western Union business is closed today in Greece in line with restrictions imposed by the Greek Government, and will remain as such for the duration of this week at a minimum.

  • New lower charges!! 07. October 2014

    Dear clients, effective October 6, 2014 are newly available lower charges at selected branches. For more info press here.

  • Stoped services on Crimean peninsula 20. May 2014

    Dear customers, from today, all Western Union services on the Crimean peninsula are unavailable. We apologise for that and thank you for your comprehension

  • EUR sending canceled 05. May 2014

    Dear clients, for legal reasons we had to cancel since 05/05/2014 possibility of sending in EUR. We apologise for the inconvenience.

  • New branches 14. February 2014

    Dear clients, our services are newly avaible at locations Unni Trading in Olomouc and MK Tour in Kadaň. More information at the "Locations".

  • New Western Union link 29. October 2013

    Dear Clients, the global site Western Union are now accessible at www.wu.com

  • Western Union website 06. May 2013

    Dear customers, if you want to visit website of Western Union, then you have to use the address https://wumt.westernunion.com. Links found by the search engines are not working from our country.

  • EURO in Poland 14. April 2013

    Effective April 15th, 2013 customers in Poland can receive money transfers also in Euro.